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La | Atrium, Lahore, Luna Cafe`, Multan &  Urban Cafe`, Lahore

LA | Atrium, Lahore

A platter to serve every palate

A high-end eatery, La|Atrium is poised to become a leading restaurant chain for the food connoisseurs. The restaurant upholds the ChenOne tradition of innovation, experimentation and the pursuit of quality in culinary arts. Bringing ‘Fusion Cuisine’ to the table along with local and continental food, La|Atrium opens the door to exquisite fine dining.

With a beautifully designed interior that gives the eatery an open and lofty ambience with beams running across the ceiling and the glass letting in the sky, La|Atrium offers a refreshing ambience, ensuring a high-class dining experience. The restaurant has live cooking stations and elaborate buffets. The buffet spreads are adapted to suit special occasions, seasons and varied tastes of customers.

Special events, celebratory occasions and musical evenings make  La|Atrium a charming hub of activities.

Luna Cafe`, Multan

Coffee lovers rejoice!

Located at the ChenOne Mall, the Luna Café offers dining and casual eatery experience for coffee lovers. The menu offers a selection of classic grill items, salads, burgers, sandwiches, ice cream, shakes, and special variety of continental and local food. The Luna Cafe` is the best place to enjoy a premium selection of tea and coffee.

Urban Cafe`, Lahore

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