Being at the helm of ChenOne’s operations, we are committed to providing exceptional standards of high quality products to our consumer in Pakistan and abroad. Years of hard work, integrity and professionalism of our team has thus helped ChenOne to evolve into a lifestyle brand.

As a contemporary fashion retail business, we consider preferences and sensibilities of our customers at every stage of the design execution process and service delivery. That is why our retail experience is highly valued by our growing customer base across the entire network. Whether it is in-store or on-line shopping, ChenOne has become synonymous with a satisfying experience from the beginning to the end.

Our efforts have built profitable relationships with business partners in the international market. Moving forward, ChenOne will continue to embrace bigger challenges and markets. It is our goal to continue to exceed customer expectations and grow on our strengths.

We’ve never been stronger than we are today. I’m very excited about the future as we embrace bigger challenges.

I thank our customers and partners, for their on-going support, interest and feedback.

Mian Muhammad Umair Javaid
COO ChenOne

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