Since inception, our focus has been on strengthening ChenOne as a contemporary and sustainable business geared towards fulfilling the needs of a diverse customer base. Today, almost two decades old, ChenOne is one of the iconic brands in Pakistan and a household name in more than 23 cities and up to 3 countries worldwide. This reflects our mission to push the boundaries of delivering high standards of quality, offering the best value for money.

Over the years, we have also evolved our operational model to build upon ChenOne’s heritage and strengths, which includes our commitment to finest craftsmanship, premium quality and a timeless sense of style. Our diverse portfolio is a testament of this vision.

We believe that the heart of retail is constant search for creativity and innovation backed by market insights, research and a talented team. That is why our people are at the centre of everything we do. We are passionately committed to creating a culture where continuous growth and learning are encouraged and nurtured.

In order to diversify, we have further branched into real estate and the restaurant industry business in Pakistan, which is bringing dividends. We also believe in the culture of giving. The ChenOne Foundation is guided by the strength of this vision of giving back to the society by helping those who are in need.

This corporate profile offers a preview into the ChenOne’s journey and welcomes you to learn more about our brands and diverse portfolio.

Mian Muhammad Kashif Ashfaq
CEO ChenOne

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